American Factfinder/Census

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Welcome to the U.S. Census Bureau's American Factfinder (AFF)

AFF is used to find demographic statistics for your research paper.

This is an interactive tutorial.  Actions to be taken (by you!) are indicated by the arrow >.

Let's start by doing a very basic search on the main Census page. (If there are any pop up boxes asking you to respond, simply close them out)

> Click on the tab

> Choose a topic; for this tutorial click on "disability"

>Scroll down and click on  the "Americans with Disabilities: 2010" report link

Scroll through the report to see the type and amount of information available.  You can go back to the previous page to see the other data available. 

Let's try another

>Click on again.

>Now click on "families and living arrangements"

>Click on the link for the 2012 report

Scroll through this to see the type and amount of data presented.

You may want to find data for a particular geographical area.  The best way to do that is to go to American FactFinder (AFF)

>Go back to the main page and click on ; a menu will pop up

>Click on "American FactFinder"

>Click on and then click

Guided Search is a very easy way to get to a lot of data from AFF!

The next page will display a series of steps.  The first step defaults to information about people.  Let's start there.

>Click on the Step 2 Topics link

>Click on the +sign next to "disability" then choose "disability" again

You will see it move to the selections box.

>Click on the Step 3 button, Geographies

There are two choices for searching.  Let's go to the second choice.

>For geographic type, select County  > then New York State >then Nassau County and click

Notice how the next level of selection criteria appears as you select the first level.  Again, you will see your selection move to the selection box.  It should look like this:

The next step is to choose Race/Ethnic Group but for the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to skip to the Search Results

>Click on the Step 5 button, Search Results

You can click on any of the tables to see the data; however, the Population and Housing Narrative Profile 2012 contains a lot of useful information!

To begin a new search, you will need to clear the selections previously made. Just click on the cancel button below the selections box.

Why don't you try searching for data about marital status. Try different topics, geographies, etc. 

Good Luck!








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