Chinese-language Materials in Factiva

Open in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

The Factiva database offers Chinese-language periodicals.

Be aware that Hofstra's license to Factiva is restricted to 6 users at a time.  If you are refused access to the database, wait a short period of time and then try again to access the database.

Follow along actively, by performing the steps described in this tutorial.  At anytime, you can go back and review a step by clicking on the arrows below.

Click on the right-facing arrow now.

To the right is the landing page for the Factiva database.

To search for Chinese-language materials, click on the News Pages tab at the top of the search screen and select Factiva Pages.

You will see the selection box is set to the United States

Open this pull-down menu and scroll up in the alphabetical list to select Greater China.

You will see all of the current materials for this language segment displayed in Chinese.

Click on the titles of the articles to access the full-text.

You can use the pull-down menu displaying the date to look back up to two weeks in time.  

You can use the pull-down menu displaying the title of the source to choose among the sources available in this Newsstand.

You cannot search with additional text as it states at the top of the results screen.

If you have any questions on using Factiva, call the reference desk during library hours at 516-463-5962.