Competitor Research using Lexis-Nexis

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Welcome to the Competitor Research using Lexis-Nexis Academic tutorial.

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Lexis-Nexis Academic provides full-text news, business and legal publications, and company and industry research.  In this tutorial, we will focus on business competitor research.

Other tutorials will demonstrate how to find other information in Lexis-Nexis Academic.

For the purpose


Please look at the Lexis-Nexis screen to the right.  Notice that there are six sections for searching different types of information.  We will be using the "Get Company Info" section

We will be using "Home Depot" for our sample searching.

1.  Please enter "Home Depot"
     in the "by name" search box
     under "Get Company Info"

Use the right arrow below to continue

Notice that there are three results as seen below

We are interested in "The Home Depot Inc".  Notice its ticker symbol is "HD". 

("Home Depot of Canada Inc." is a separate, private company, which is why it has no ticker symbol)

1.  Click on
     "The Home Depot Inc" link
     in the Lexis-Nexis screen to
     your right

Use the right arrow below to continue

Notice that the Lexis-Nexis screen is divided into two sections.  The left sidebar is a menu - the item you click on will be shown on the right.  Right now, you should be looking at the "Overview" presented under "Snapshot".

For competitor research, there are two specific items you should note on this page.

  • Under "Industry Classification" the primary SIC and NAICS codes are provided
  • Under "Key Competitors", Home Depot's three greatest competitors are shown.  There are other competitors as well.

"Competitors" is the last link under "Snapshot" in the left sidebar menu.

1.  Click on "Competitors"

Use the right arrow below to contine

You now see links to a broader list of competitors to Home Depot.

Look at the competitors.  You'll notice that

  • some sell a variety of home and building supplies and materials, (e.g., Lowe's, Ace Hardware)

  • some sell more specific items (e.g., Abbey Carpet, Sherwin-Williams [paint])

In this tutorial, we'll focus on comparing Home Depot to one of its key competitors, Lowe's, another big-box store.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the following

Compare Companies

1.  Click on
     "Compare Companies"
     in the Lexis-Nexis screen

Use the right arrow below to continue

You can compare up to five companies in this screen. 

1.  Enter "HD" and "LOW"
     in the "Ticker" column and
     press Compare

You can now compare the two companies as to their

  • assets
  • liabilities
  • income statements
  • ratio analyses

The first two columns of numbers are the actual numbers (in millions as indicated at the top).

The third column, in parentheses ( ), is the comparison of Lowe's numbers relative to Home Depot's numbers.


NOTE:  If a competitor is a private company, you will not be able to conduct a comparison because private company's are not required to make this information public. 

For example, "Menard" is a key competitor of Home Depot, but cannot be entered in a comparison.

A company's status of public or private is found on the "Overview" screen for that company.  Private companies do not have a ticker symbol as the ticker symbol is for public trading of a company's stock.

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