Welcome to the SWOT Reports in Business Insights: Essentials tutorial.

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Business Insights: Essentials has many different types of business information. In this tutorial, we will focus on finding SWOT reports.

Other tutorials will demonstrate how to find other information in Business Insights: Essentials.

For the purpose

We will find SWOT reports for two companies, using two different ways of finding the report.

We will use Nissan (car company) as our first example.

1.  Please enter "Nissan"
     in the search box
on the right
     of the screen

Use the right arrow below to continue

This one is easy.

Immediately beneath the company name and description there is a link for "SWOT Reports"

1.  Click "SWOT reports"

You now see the following

SWOT in Bus Insight Nissan

Before going into the report itself, a comment about how you would cite this report.

Think about the SWOT report as a chapter in a report

  • "Nissan Motor Company Ltd" is the title of the 'chapter' in "Global Markets Direct SWOT Reports"

  • The publication date is shown

  • If you click on "Global Markets Direct SWOT Reports", you will find the publisher and place of publication information for the citation

Now let's look at the report.

2.  Click
     "Nissan Motor Company Ltd."

Use the right arrow below to continue

You are now in the company report.

You will see a chart with the SWOT analysis, followed by text explaining each part of the SWOT report.


Now we will look at a company where the SWOT link is not right on the front page.

We will find the SWOT report for Walgreens (the drugstore)

1.  Click the "back" key browser back key
     to return to
     Business Insights: Essentials

2.  Enter "Walgreens" in the
     search box at the upper right

Use the right arrow below to continue

The screen you are looking at should look like this

  SWOT Bus Insights Walgreens

We are looking for Walgreens the drugstore.  Look at the descriptions for the first two companies.  They are NOT drugstores.

Under "Brands" you see "Walgreens is a brand of Walgreen Co."

1.  Click on "Walgreen Co."

Use the right arrow below to continue

 1.  Scroll down and read the
     "Business Description"

You'll see that this is the company we are looking for.

Notice the following box on the right

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2.  Click "SWOT Reports"

You are now in the SWOT report for Walgreens.

Use the right arrow below to continue


You have completed the SWOT Reports in Business Insights: Essentials tutorial.





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