Welcome to the Finding Company News in Lexis-Nexis Academic tutorial.

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Lexis-Nexis Academic provides full-text news, business and legal publications, and company and industry research.  In this tutorial, we will focus on finding business news for a particular company and its product(s) .

Other tutorials demonstrate how to find other information in Lexis-Nexis Academic.

For the purpose

Please look at the Lexis-Nexis screen to the right.  Notice that there are six sections for searching different types of information.  We will be using the "Search the News" section.

We will not be using the main page limiters, but please notice that we can limit our search by "Source Type" or "Source Title" from the main page. 

We will be using "Google" for our sample searching.

1.  Please enter "Google"
     in the "search for" box
     under "Search the News" and
     click go or hit "enter"
     on your keyboard

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You should notice a few things on this screen.

  • Above the list of article titles, it will indicate that this screen contains 25 of approximately 1000 articles. 
  • Articles are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first)
  • On the left sidebar in Lexis-Nexis, the articles are organized by source categories
  • You can limit your results to a particular source TYPE, such as "newspapers" by clicking the "newspapers" link, or
  • You can limit your results to a particular source by clicking on the LN plus sign to the left of the source type and then clicking on a particular source

1.  Click "Newspapers" in the

Look above the results to see how many results are available. You now have approximately half the total number of results you had previously.  The articles removed from the list were in non-newspaper sources.

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We'll now look for articles on Google glasses.

On the upper right, you will see

LN Search within results

1.  Enter "glasses" in the
     search box and click go or
     hit "enter on your keyboard

Notice that you have MANY fewer results when you limit your search to "glasses" within the original "Google" search.

Now let's take a look at the results.

Use the right arrow below to continue

The title of each article is a link.

Before clicking into the articles, notice some other information on this page.

Immediately beneath the article title is the

  • publication title (in this case newspaper title)

  • date of publication

  • section of the newspaper where article is located

  • page number (unless electronic only)

  • number of words in article

  • author

All of the information you need to write a complete citation is here.

The number of words in an article can indicate how substantial the article is.  For example, in your results list, articles range from approximately 300 to 3000 words!!

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 Let's look at an actual article now.

1.  Click the link to any article
     in your results list

All articles in Lexis-Nexis are full-text. 

All articles are in html format

To print article, click the printer icon on the upper left of the  colored bar above the article (see below)

printer icon

If you use "File - Print" on your browser instead of the printer icon, the Lexis-Nexis header and footer information will print on each page, wasting a lot of paper.

You may also email or save the document from this toolbar.

Lexis-Nexis does not export references to APA format.

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